Cosmic Contest

Greater Than Games (GTG) just canceled their latest Kickstarter 2 days before it would have ended. They were at 70% and moving slowly. So should they have canceled? Should they restart? Here are 7 reasons that I think it struggled and why they should restart half of the campaign.

1. December and January are the 2 slowest months on Kickstarter. The other project I’m following this month is also struggling despite having a huge following.

2. No videos and lack of response in the comments. 8 out of 92 comments were made by GTG the last one being on December 18th (project was canceled January 5th). This showed a lack of interest. I have been following GTG’s last few campaigns and this one was the only one where I felt they didn’t have their heart in it. I understand they were spread too thin with all of the other stuff they were working on like the Sentinels of the Multiverse iPhone game, Steam Version of Sentinels of the Multiverse, shipping Wrath of Cosmos, prepping for PAX South and Christmas. I just think they picked a bad time of year for everyone.

3. One good project was pulled down by one bad project. By running these campaigns together GTG had to have a higher goal and thus only funded 70%. Also it was a little confusing. Was this a game, comic book or both. Personally my brothers and I don’t like storytelling games but love the idea of a comic book for Sentinels. If you look at your numbers some wanted just the game (63 backers), more wanted just the comic (107 backers) and most wanted both (507 backers). That sounds like most wanted both but I think that many of the 507 who backed for both really just wanted the comic. They only backed for both because they wanted the project to fund and that was the highest level ($35). The only way to really test this theory is to run them separately starting with the comic because it got more individual backers and has has more chatter about people wanting it. It would not be much of a risk for GTG to try again with only the comic.

4. Lack of Sentinels of the Multiverse Promos. Most of campaigns GTG runs gives the backers promos for Sentinels of the Multiverse as a reward for backing them on Kickstarter. Some people would back just for those. These promos would only make sense in the comic book campaign.

5. Lack of high dollar levels. GTG had enough backers (688) to fund this if each backer was giving more than just $10 for the PDF of the comic. High level pledges can bring in the extra funds needed to get people excited about the project getting funded. Also if they separated the projects and only did the comic book they could have a lower goal needing fewer backers and money.

6. Shipping killed them. Because the levels were so low and the shipping was so high people didn’t think it was worth it. Also US backers (for better or worse) expect free shipping (or included shipping) when backing projects. Because they saw how high shipping was they had to think twice before backing. Bundling multiple copies of the comic could provide not only high dollar level’s but also help international backers afford shipping.

7. GTG ended the project before the 48 hour magic could happen. Most projects (especially if they reach 70% like GTG’s did) will get most of their funding in the last few days. Lots of people were waiting to get one last paycheck after Christmas before spending money on a Kickstarter campaign.

This may sound like I just really want the comic to come out but rest assured it only sounds that way because that is the truth. I really like the idea of a comic with my favorite Sentinels of the Multiverse characters in it. I love the Sentinels universe and I feel like others do to. It’s not that people didn’t want to pay for a comic. GTG just picked a time of the year when no one has extra money to back Kickstarter projects. If they were to relaunch in April or May with a good video and link to the existing comic (with no other projects jumbled in with it) I think it would succeed. A lower goal will give backers more confidence the project will fund. GTG shouldn’t give up but instead relaunch in a few months with these changes.

Didn’t read the post? It’s ok I only skim blog posts too. Here is what you missed.

  • Project William liked was canceled so he gave seven reasons why they failed.
  • Project failed because of bad timing.
  • GTG didn’t show they cared about the project.
  • GTG should have separated the project into two projects.
  • No promos or high dollar levels hurt them.
  • Shipping killed them and they gave up to soon.
  • Most importantly GTG should relaunch the comic book by itself in a few months with a video and show that they care.