Battlefield 1 for non FPS legends is a 5/10

The short review is the game is fun for the first 5 hours or so but once the novelty wears off you are left with a game where people snipe you from across the map over and over again. Final Verdict is a 5/10.

Battlefield 1 suffers from the “N00bs don’t have fun” problem. It is fun to ride around in the OP vehicle but that’s not what you will be doing for most of your games. WW1 is a cool setting but just like the real war dying every 10 seconds is not as fun as you think it will be. Overall I give this game a 5/10. If you are a fan of twitch FPS games you’ll probably love this game but it’s not a good one to be introduced to the genera. I will say connecting to a game is way easier on PC than it was for Battlefield 4. The Graphics are great as well.

P.S. This video was recorded during the open Beta so the game might be great now.

If your still on the fence about buying it check out my Playlist of the matches I played during the open beta. 

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