One of the games I have been working on is called Dragon and Rider. It is a 2 or 4 player game where you take on the role of either a Dragon or a Dragon Rider working with a partner (or yourself in the 2 player game) to bring down your opponents in aerial combat. The gameplay was really fun but the cards were ugly.

-Fire- Dragon and Rider Card Template 4 player

Ugly Card

This card was so ugly and complicated it made the game feel like a mental exercise instead of a fun card game. It was even more ugly before the picture. So how did I fix it? I removed all information from the card except the information that was needed to make good decisions.

New Simple Card

New Simple Card

This card only tells you what kinds of things the Fire Attack will do. Depending on how well you work with your partner (without talking) this attack will be more or less effective. All the details for the effectiveness of the card are listed on a separate card. Only one player needs to understand this card.

4 Player Die Chart

Complicated Card


This card gives you all the information that was left off of the new cards. This chart also helps keep the rule book small and easy to understand. My goal was to convey the rules of the game in a simple and easy to use way. Are these new cards better then the old ones? Post in the comments with your opinions.

Disclaimer: The artwork is not the final artwork. It is used for prototyping purposes only. All of these cards are subject to change.