Will you loose your voice for a day next week for those who will never have one?

October 18 is the annual Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity. Thousands of young adults across the country will spend an entire day in silence in solidarity with the 50,000,000+ babies who have been killed by abortion.

Participants of the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity will wear red ‘life’ tape over their mouths and hand out this simple flier when asked why they are not speaking:

Every day in the United States of America over 4,000 American
citizens are silenced against their wills. They have their voices
permanently silenced and they never get the opportunity to speak on behalf
of themselves. Today we stand in silent solidarity with those who have been
silenced. Today we are silent, but by doing this we are being a voice for the
one-third of our generation that will never have a voice. These victims are
not only being silenced; they are being killed. The victims we stand on
behalf of are not going to be mentioned on the news. The victims we stand
on behalf of will not have a funeral. The victims we stand on behalf of were
ripped from the safety and warmth of their mothers’ wombs. The victims we
stand on behalf of were not blobs of tissue, but beautiful human persons,
with hearts that beat, brains that gave out brain waves, and a soul. These
are the victims of the abortion holocaust. Every day over 4,000 babies
have their lives ended in the name of choice. Since January 22, 1973, over
46 million babies have died. The time is now to stand on behalf of
these innocent victims. Visit www.standtrue.com to find out
how to be a voice.

Last year, a young junior high girl decided to give up her voice for one day for the unborn. When she walked down the stairs that morning to leave for school, her mother asked what she was doing with tape on her mouth. She handed her mother a flier, and her mother started crying. Little did this young girl know, her mother was pregnant and had an abortion scheduled that day. Seeing her daughter taking a stand for life was enough to change her mind about aborting her baby and she chose life instead of abortion!

Dozens upon dozens of stories roll in each year of lives that are spared from the tragedy of abortion because someone was willing to loose their voice for a day.