This was taken from Beth’s Blog

1. Nerds. First and foremost.
2. The people who understand that “inherency” is a word regardless of what spell check says.
3. Violent highschoolers who always talk about who they’re “hitting.”
4. Flowers. (Think about that one.)
5. Easy to shop for: pens and sticky notes should do the trick.
6. Predictable. No questions will be asked until they establish that you are, in fact, doing good today.
7. A demographic that comprises approximately 83% of Google’s total user base.
8. People who bring everything back to nuclear war and imminent doom.
9. The only ones who don’t believe Latin is a dead language, and prove it by using phrases like “ad hominem.”
10. A formidable group with the constant potential to mob, usually due to the word “postings.”
11. Kids who shop for suits and enjoy it.
12. Those annoying friends who know what’s going on in the world. Almost before it happens.
13. Notorious for their intimate knowledge of just exactly how many words one can say in five minutes.
14. Brilliant geniuses who might actually do important things someday. If they have time in between tournaments.