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I am in a essay writing class and here is one of my essays.

Nuclear Power should still be used despite the risks. In today’s world we depend on energy to run our cars, heat our homes and power our computers. One of the biggest
energy sources is nuclear power. However, after the nuclear accident in Japan, everyone is having second thoughts about nuclear power. People saw first hand what could happen
if something went wrong. The devastation was tremendous. Nevertheless, nuclear
power should still be used in the US. If abandoned, the US’s economy would be
devastated because the price of energy would go up. This would hurt everyone from the producer to the consumer. Therefore, we should still use nuclear power. The danger of
nuclear power may be great, but the economic danger of not having it could be more devastating.


Great Pro-Life Video

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The Salesman does not work for the Company

Point 1: Salespeople’s Mindset

In today’s world salespeople have the idea that they work for the company instead of for the customer. They think they need to do whatever it takes to make the sale. On Mark Stevens wrote:

“Every time I am in a selling position I think: (First) I will make the sale. (Second) Saying “no” to me is not an option–not for my good, but for yours. (Third) If the prospect says “no” at first, I will not pack my bags and move on. I won’t even acknowledge the word. (Fourth) I will get to a “yes.”” 1

This philosophy on sales is completely wrong. Stevens is trying to do what’s best for the company instead of what is best for the customer. He needs to realize that what is best for the customer is what is best for the company. It is like the old saying in business, “If the customer ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.” The problem is the mindset.

A true salesperson works for the customer, not the employer. Don’t believe me? Just ask the question, “Who pays the salesperson?” The employer? Who pays the employer? The customer pays the employer. The customer pays the salesperson indirectly, via the employer, but most salespeople do not see it that way.

Point 2: Wrong Mindset

I was talking to my Dad about sales because I think I might want to go into it. He told me some of the worst things some salespeople say and do.

First is “lying.” When a salesperson lies, it causes the buyer to not want to go through with the transaction. The salesperson lies because he does not understand who he is really working for.

The second thing he told me was “Don’t give your opinion.” It is not about what the salesperson or the company wants, it is about what the customer wants.

Both of these problems stem from a wrong mindset. If salespeople would think of the customer as their boss, they would not fall into these problems. The bad stereotype of salespeople comes from their improper mindset.

Point 3: Change Your Mindset


I recently needed to purchase some really good running shoes. Never having owned a pair that cost more than $40.00, I was reluctant to get a new pair. I will never forget the experience I had at The Running Company. After being in the store for a full 30 seconds, a salesman talked to us and helped us find the right shoe. The salesman acted like we were the only ones in the store. He acted like our happiness was the only thing that mattered. This kind of salesmanship is exactly what I am talking about. We had heard about this store from friends. The salesman’s goal should be to help the customer so much that he wants to tell all his friends about you.

Salespeople need to change their mindset from, “I am working for the company” to “I am working for the customer.” Doing that one thing would solve most of the problems sales people face today. Customers do not like salespeople because their mindset is wrong and therefore, they are not effective. If you are a salesperson or thinking about becoming one, then follow my advice and you will rise far above your competitors. Just remember that a happy customer is a good customer.


1 Mark Stevens (February 4, 2010, 3 Weapons for the True Salesperson. No more hoping–true salespeople won’t accept anything less than ‘yes.’)

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